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The unplugged album

"Larry Jon Wilson"

It's the album he always wanted to do, and it was done his way with just him singing in that low bariton voice and playing his acoustic guitar ... and some sparse touches of violin.

Originally released in 2008 on 1965 Records in the UK, Drag City released the album in the US in 2009.

Larry Jon Wilson in 2008, photo taken by Jim McGuire


  cover of the album, photo taken by James Endeacott


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Over a period of 7 days in June 2007, the songs for the album "Larry Jon Wilson" were recorded on the 15th floor of the Mirabella on Perdido Key, Florida in what could best be described a very loose setting.

Larry Jon would tell stories to Jeb Loy Nichols and Jerry DeCicca about "hitch-hiking, hustling pool, being a father, gambling, drinking, women, and the friendships with Townes Van Zandt and Mickey Newbury" and jump into songs, so it's all live in the studio/condo and all first takes. Jake Housh just pressed the record button when a story turned into a song - and thanks to Larry Jon, these men, James Endeacott, 1965 Records and latero Drag City the world finally has the 5th Larry Jon Wilson long player - a collection of personal songs connected, not only by great lyrics, always soulful performance and the puristic arrangement (none), but by Larry Jon's warmheartedness, compassion and 68 years of wisdom.

Shoulders (LJW)  lyrics
2. Losers Trilogy (If I Just Knew What To Say/Bless The Losers/Things Ain't What They Used To Be And Probably Never Was) (Stuart Wright/Mickey Newbury/LJW)
3. Heartland (Bob Dylan - Willie Nelson) 
4. Long About Now (S. Engel - A. Semel)
5. Me With No You (LJW) 
Feel Alright Again (John Scott Sherill)  lyrics
7. I Am No Dancer (LJW) 
Goodbye Eyes (Dave Loggins)
9. Rocking With You (Bruce Chanell)
10. Throw My Hands Up (LJW) 
Whore Trilogy (Louise/Sunset Woman/Frisco Mabel Joy) (Paul Seibel/Dave Loggins/Mickey Newbury)
12. Where From (LJW) 



updates on the U.S. release on DRAG CITY:

from the Drag City website:

Also on sale on June 23rd is the long-awaited domestic release of Larry Jon Wilson’s first album in nearly 30 years. Larry Jon was one of the great country voices to emerge in the 1970s, as his appearance in the film Heartworn Highways will attest. After just a few albums, he went silent in 1980, preferring to stay close to home, and in time, playing shows down south. Captured in a casual but immaculate setting, Larry Jon Wilson brings to us the essence of Larry Jon, whether playing his original material or coving others, whether singing and playing solo or with the backing of a fiddle player. It’s one of those unlikely comebacks that make a body glad to be paying attention. Larry Jon Wilson is a masterful entry in the catalog of American traditional/popular music.


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In-depth interview by Stephen M. Deusner on the 9513 Country Music blog: 30 years later, Larry Jon Wilson is still an outlaw


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