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British Uncut music magazine, issue June 2010:

among 20 greatest Outlaw Country albums








New Beginnings, 1975

side one:
1. Ohoopee River Bottomland
2. Through The Eyes Of Little Children
3. New Beginnings
4. The Truth Ain't In You
5. Canoochee Revisited (Jesus Man)

side two:
1. Broomstraw Philosophers And Scuppernong Wine
2. Lay Me Down Again
3. Melt Not My Igloo
4. Things Ain't What They Used To Be (And Probably Never Was)
5. Bertrand My Son
(all words and music by Larry Jon Wilson)




















Let Me Sing My Song To You, 1976

side one:
1. Drowning In The Mainstream
2. Let Me Sing My Song To You
3. Sheldon Churchyard
4. I Remember It Well
5. The Ballad Of Handy Mackey

side two:
1. Think I Feel A Hitchhike Coming On
2. Willoughby Grove
3. Life Of A Good Man
4. Kindred Spirit
5. Farther Along
(all words and music by Larry Jon Wilson)












Loose Change, 1977

Muscle Shoals side:  
1. In My Song (LJW)  lyrics
2. I Betcha Heaven's On A Dirt Road (LJW)  lyrics
3. Shake It Up (LJW)  lyrics
4. Your Mind Is On Vacation (Mose Allison)  lyrics
5. Sundown Racer (LJW)  lyrics
6. Poor Children's Treasures (LJW)  lyrics
7. Song For Jonah (reprise) (LJW)

Larry Jon Wilson - Lead & Harmony Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Larry Byrom - Acoustic, Acoustic Slide and Gut String Guitar
Reggie Young - Electric Guitar
Clayton Ivey - Keyboards
Jesse Boyce - Bass
Roger Clark - Drums
Larrie Londin - all percussions
Greg "Fingers" Taylor - Harmonica
The Muscle Shoals Horns
Recorded at Wishbone Sound
Engineers: Steve Moore, Bruce Albertine

Nashville side:  
1. Why You Been Gone So Long (Mickey Newbury)  lyrics
2. Loose Change (LJW)  lyrics
3. Whatshername (Stookey - Dixon - Kniss) 
4. July The 12th, 1939 (Norro Wilson)  lyrics
5. Song For Jonah (LJW)

Larry Jon Wilson - Lead Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
Reggie Young - Electric Guitar
Bobby Wood, Bobby Ogdin - Keyboards
Joe Osborn, Tom Cogbill - Bass
Henry Strzelecki - Acoustic Bass
Hayward Bishop - Drums
Weldon Myrick - Dobro
Greg "Fingers" Taylor - Harmonica
Buddy Spicher - Fiddle
Mickey Newburry - Hums, Whistles

Recorded at Pete Drake Studio and Creative Workshop, Berry Hill, TN
Engineers: Al Pachucki, Brent Meher

from the liner notes:

The reason there's no "Side A" and "Side B" is that I did part of the music in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, with their great pickers, and part of the music in Nashville, Tennessee with their great pickers - and in both places I had the most fun Ive ever had recording.

My love for different kinds of music has apparently left the music that I write and perform with no "bag" to be places in. This album supports that fact.

Sometimes I wish that I performed and wrote some particular, identifiable kind of music ... but, I don't. I've loved and personally subscribed to so many different forms of music throughout my life that I can neither write, perform, nor listen to any particular kind for long. This album also supports that fact.

But, since I can't transfer beauty to an audience ... (I've never been busted for my beauty), or immense talent (any hotel I go to has someone that's probably better than me in their lounge), or incredible "hipness" (I've never won a fencing match).
The only thing I'd like to transfer to an audience is that I love to sing, and write, and play music. And I hope, most of all, this album supports that fact!!    
L. J. Wilson













Sojourner, 1979

side one:
1. The Bigger The Fool (The Harder The Fall) (Kristofferson - Utley - Bruton)  lyrics
2. Looks Like Baby's Gone (Mickey Newbury)  lyrics
3. You Mean The World To Me (LJW)  lyrics
4. The Saints Who Have Never Been Caught (Allan - Fry)
5. It's Just A Matter Of Time (Benton - Hendricks - Otis)

side two:
1. Stagger Lee (Harold Logan - Lloyd Price)  lyrics
2. Good Time Lady (Gove)  lyrics
3. Another Friend Song (LJW)  lyrics
4. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (Bob Dylan) 
5. The Farm (Wildflowers In A Mason Jar) (Dennis Linde)  lyrics




Larry Jon Wilson - Lead Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Reggie Young, John Christopher, Steve Gibson, Mac Gayden - Guitars
Tommy Cogbill, Mike Leech - Bass
Bobby Wood, Bobby Emmons - Keyboards
Bobby Ogdin - Moog Synthesizer
Hayward Bishop - Drums
Farrell Morris - Percussion
Greg "Fingers" Taylor - Harmonica
The Shelly Kurland Strings
Patti Leatherwood, Janie Fricke, Lea Jane Berinati, Mickey Newbury, Johnny Rodriguez, Larry Gatlin, Steve Gatlin, Rudy Gatlin, Dave Loggins - Vocal Harmonies

Recorded at Creative Workshop, Studio One Inc. and Woodland Sound Studio
Engineers: Brent Maher, Stan Dacus, Tommy Strong, David McKinley and Danny Hilley



from the liner notes:

SOJOURNER - (def) "A brief visitor in a strange place"

"Larry Jon, when you were 13 I could tell that you were destined to be a nocturnal sojourner and here you are, 24 years later, exactly that - so here's to you" (a toast from Bill Lenz at Papa Joe's Pizza Place, N. Augusta, S.C. on my birthday, October 7, 1977.

I dedicate this album to my wife "Pot" for teaching me the intricacies of survival - and Bill Lenz, 25 year broadcasting veteran of WBBQ, Augusta, Gerogia, who gave us our honeymoon as a wedding present.    L. J. Wilson


The first two Monument LPs were rereleased on one CD in England on SEE FOR MILES Records in 2000 (SEECD 711, ASIN B00004SE2L). A new re-release by the omni recording corporation is available as of June 21st, 2011 (Omni146) - order it at your local record store or online. The original LPs are being sold on www.ebay.com or www.musicstack.com .